Anna Valtonen’s words

In a time of extreme societal shifts, with climate crises, new technologies, and political turmoil present all around the world, the role of art, craft, design, and pedagogy is more important than ever. Together we can find new viewpoints and ideas, create work that engages and alternatives that open eyes, exemplify what is possible, and understand the world and its complexities from different perspectives.

The graphic identity for this year’s exhibition, “weaving the institution” is created by alumni Linn Henrichson and Lars Høie. Their concept plays with the idea of cross-stich and early internet pixel art, symbolizing the complex interwoven relations of an educational institution, embodying the social fabric that binds students, teachers, employees and visitors into a vibrant community. In our community at Konstfack, the work of each student is important, and together they form a fabric of what our future could be.

In this year’s Degree Exhibition, our students show brilliant works that are a result of their inquiries into their own practices as well as their fields, and at the same time, they are making contributions to the development of Konstfack as a whole. They show us our future – join in to see what it holds!

Anna Valtonen

Anna Valtonen