Konstfack 2024

Konstfacks Degree Exhibition 2024
Welcome to a gigantic group exhibition at Konstfack where all degree students display their works except master's Fine Art students exhibiting at Färgfabriken.
Opening at Konstfack Wednesday 15 May, at 12–6 pm. Inauguration at 2 pm with the Vice-Chancellor Anna Valtonen and curators, Dotdotdot.
At Färgfabriken the exhibition opens on 16 May, at 1–7 pm. The Vice-Chancellor inaugurates at 4 pm.
The exhibitions are open Mon–Fri 12–6 pm, Sat–Sun 12–4 pm.
Mon-Fri 12-6 pm, Sat-Sun 12-4 pm

Anna Valtonen's words
In a time of extreme societal shifts, with climate crises, new technologies, and political turmoil present all around the world, the role of art, craft, design, and pedagogy is more important than ever.
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Dotdotdot's words
Is, is this the way? In our curatorial process we look for shared narratives that span across a wide range of disciplines, finding connections between individual practices and projects. Drawing from theory, content and process to find collective perspectives, ideas and interests that we then weave into our curation.
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About the visual identity
The concept for the Degree Exhibition identity explores the links between weaving, cross-stitch embroidery and early internet pixel aesthetics. With weaving as a metaphor for the school’s role as a place for learning and making connections, we wanted to create something that can be seen as a collective tapestry that reflects the complex, interwoven relations within Konstfack as an institution.
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Images and videos from the building of the Degree Exhibition.
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