Bachelor's programme

Ceramics and Glass

Exhibition: 15–24 May at Konstfack

About Ceramics and Glass

To embark on the bachelor’s programme in Ceramics and Glass is to acquire a subtle intuition for how materials can communicate with the viewer. This year’s graduating students are bringing this skill into their degree projects to explore a number of themes: the object’s meaning and precision of use, belonging and origin, mental state and imagination, and existential questions about the destructive power of love and the metamorphosis of the materials are all questions addressed in the exhibition.

Through seemingly simple devices, each student approaches a more direct statement. It is about creation, not reproduction: a creative process in which the inherent magic and humour of the everyday can take its place. Pieces that are taken from each student’s wordless world, but which have been put together piece by piece over the years in the bachelor’s programme. The last semester and the degree project are a pressure cooker where artistry crystallises, ready for the future.

Karin Blomgren
Senior lecturer, Ceramics and Glass