Is, is this the way?

In our curatorial process we look for shared narratives that span across a wide range of disciplines, finding connections between individual practices and projects. Drawing from theory, content and process to find collective perspectives, ideas and interests that we then weave into our curation.

The class of 2024 speak clearly through their work that they do not fear or live by the binaries of art school – the students make visual and thematic connections with their peers both past and present that span far beyond the framework of Konstfack. This year’s graduates show us through their tenacity, creativity and grit that they cannot and will not neatly fit into categories.

This year Konstfack requested that the students would be displayed within their departments giving the visitors the context of the education as a way to experience the work. The intention is to provide the narrative needed to understand the vast number of projects exhibited in this year’s Degree Exhibition, but for us as curators the physical divisions are largely unnoticeable, the cross pollination and interdisciplinary practices of this year’s graduates cements that creativity isn’t concerned with categories.

Degree Exhibition curators


Lisa Juntunen Roos, Amy Worrall and Petter Rhodiner